Ghost Writing

Ghost writing is a really fun way to work on a few skills including spelling, sight words, snap words, and handwriting.

For this activity, you will need paper, a white crayon, and markers. You can also use watercolor paints, however we found that markers worked better and were quicker.

My 2nd grader needs to work on spelling snap words. He was able to work on spelling and handwriting for this activity. I read off a word he needed to practice, he wrote the word in white crayon, and then he colored over it with marker to reveal his writing. So simple, yet so engaging! You can practice this on lined paper or even make boxes for the words if size/spacing is something your child needs to work on.

For younger students (preschool/kindergarten), we tried copying shapes from a model (rather than words or letters). Here’s an example:

If your child is not ready for shapes and words, drawing/scribbling and then going over the crayon with watercolor paints was fun, too! For a student who may be reluctant to hold a crayon or paintbrush, the idea of searching for a mystery shape or picture may engage them in this task.

Comment below with what mystery words, shapes, or pictures your child was able to reveal with ghost writing!

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