Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Do your kids know how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors? We have had to use it to settle a few debates at our home during this closure, so if your kids are not familiar with it, this may be a good time to try it out! This activity has 3 parts: a read aloud, a cutting activity, and then a writing/graphing activity. First, a read aloud of one our favorite books. It’s funny for big kids, little kids, and even the grown-ups!

Next, you can get some fine motor practice with a cutting activity. For this cutting activity, you will need scissors and paper. Cutting practice is a great activity no matter your child’s age or skill level. Cutting skills address bilateral coordination (using 2 hands together) and visual motor accuracy (using hands and eyes together).

Begin by drawing lines and shapes on paper based on your child’s skill level. For preschoolers, try drawing short lines along the edge to work on snipping or a single thick line across the paper.

For older students, try zig zag lines, wavy lines, or small shapes. Cutting along curved edges is more challenging than snipping or straight lines.

The final part of the activity includes handwriting and graphing practice. First, make a prediction about which one with have the most wins – rock, paper or scissors. Then play 10 rounds with a partner. Record the results in the list each time and then fill in the graph by coloring the box with the correct number of wins. Was your prediction correct? Here is an example of how I simplified this at home without a printer…

And I also developed a worksheet/document that you can print and complete if that works for you. It is attached here…

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